Our Vision

Workwear is an armor that must meet the needs of the employee. It is the first tool they will take with them at the beginning of the day to deal with the elements of nature and the challenges of work.

In 1992, in Thessaloniki was born the idea of ​​creating such a tool, unknown until then for many in the Greek market. The years have passed and the standards for safety of became a rule. Under these conditions the axon® collection evolved, expanded and
today keeps pace with the latest safety trends.

The ant symbol expresses our company values and the characteristics of products which we are so proud of. Mass-produced, durable and made for work, axon® workwear offer quality solutions even in the most adverse conditions. Thousands of companies in Greece
choose us for the clothing of their staff.

We support those for whom creating and producing is a daily routine, so that we are able to proudly declare:

axon® wherever work is

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